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Building Automation Systems

We are a total energy solutions provider delivering dedicated easy-to-use automation systems that yield both energy efficiency and occupant comfort. Energy savings and resource conservation have become top priorities and we can help you succeed in these efforts while meeting your facility management requirements. Let your building automation system work for you and together we can bring your facility into the 21st Century.

We offer complete building automation solutions from the following manufacturers:

Delta Controls

Delta Controls :

Delta Controls Inc. is the world leading developer and manufacturer of high quality native BACnet building automation systems, integrating HVAC, Lighting and Access system. Since 1980, Delta’s building automation control products have been improving performance in commercial, retail & government buildings; manufacturing, transportation, sports and entertainment facilities; schools, universities and hotels.

Delta’s commitment to the marketplace and its valued Partners is stated clearly in the company's vision: Do It Right.

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Lynxspring      NiagaraAX      Tridium

Lynxspring :

Lynxspring, founded in 2001, is a leading technology company addressing building automation control requirements with a focus on interoperability. Lynxspring manufactures and distributes web-enabled, open protocol control solutions to fit the simplest to the most complex criteria building owners expect in today's market. Using Tridium's web-based NiagaraAX software in an embedded platform, Lynxspring provides normalized interoperability with standard and open protocols, and many legacy systems. Lynxspring believes that the intelligent use of both unique and third-party software products can increase quality assurance, productivity and repeatability in any market that uses an integrated approach in design, development and deployment of products and services.

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MAMAC Systems Maverick IP Appliances :

The MAMAC SYSTEMS' Sensor Appliance, Sub Metering Appliance and MaverickSTAT are ideal for low cost solutions for light commercial, residential, remote facility temperature control, remote facility monitoring and consumption data acquisition and analysis. These appliances can also be used to enhance existing HVAC control systems by adding email alerts and data logging to critical points.

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